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iOS 7 – Which devices compatible upgrade

Apple unveiled long waited iOS 7 for mobile devices such iPhone, iPad and iPod. This new mobile operating system have lot of cool features and also nice looking interface for any iDevice get update. Almost all apple users wondering if their device will be able to run new operating system iOS 7. Here is the list of devices that compatible to new iOS7.

  1. iPhone 5S  – (newly announced iPhone in 2013 shipping with iOS7)
  2. iPhone 5C - (newly announced iPhone in 2013 shipping with iOS7)
  3. iPhone 5
  4. iPhone 4S – (compatible but some features disabled; such Filters inside Camera App and AirDrop)
  5. iPhone 4 – (compatible but some features disabled; such Filters inside Camera App, AirDrop, Panoramic shots and Siri)
  6. iPad 4th Gen
  7. iPad 3rd Gen – (compatible but some features disabled; such Filters inside Camera App, AirDrop and Panoramic shots)
  8. iPad 2nd Gen – (compatible but some features disabled; such Filters inside Camera App, AirDrop, Panoramic shots and Siri)
  9. iPad mini
  10. iPod 5th Gen

All other devices, which missing in this list obliviously incompatible with new iOS 7.

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Android 4.4 announced – Codename Android KitKat

On the heels of Apple’s iPhone 5S launch date invites comes a big tease from Google who has showed off a giant new Android Kit Kat statue in front its headquarters, something that coincided with its Android 4.4 Kit Kat announcement.

Google quickly announced the arrival of Android 4.4 Kit Kat, its next major Android release, which now puts rumors of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie to rest. The company did not reveal any of the Android 4.4 features instead saying that it’s “our goal with Android KitKat to make an amazing Android experience available for everybody.”

android kitkat

android kitkat

This falls in line with rumors that suggested that the next version of Android would see its requirements lowered so that it could become available for a host of devices including wearable technology and gaming consoles. It likely will emerge for lower-end phones as well.

Google also announced a contest in which it will be partnering with Kit Kat to offer users a brand new Nexus 7 tablet or a Google Play Store credit. Users only have to look on specially marked Kit Kat bars to find out if they won.

The company offers Android users a way to sign up for information about the Android 4.4 release date which is unknown. Rumors suggest that a new Nexus smartphone could be touching down in October so it’s possible that Android 4.4 Kit Kat will arrive next month.

Google’s announcement comes just a few short minutes after Apple announced its iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iOS 7 launch date which is set for September 10th.

Official announcement

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BBM for iOS and Android

Blackberry Messenger (BBM) popular IM application on Blackberry is ready to release it’s iOS and Android version. BlackBerry Messenger or BBM as it is commonly known was one of the first mainstream instant-messaging services on smartphones. The app comes preloaded onto BlackBerry devices allowing users to call, text, video chat and share screens with other BlackBerry users via 3G and free over Wi-Fi.

BBM for iOS and Android Announcement

BBM for iOS and Android Announcement (Click to View)

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How to Calculate ZTE NCK Code : Video

How to calculate ZTE NCK code

Using… anyone can calculate unlock codes for few ZTE phones which unlocks network customization (Net Lock) and makes possible to use with any network in the world. The video showing how to generate a 12 digit NCK or NP unlock code using phones IMEI within few second also free of charge from home.



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T-Mobile ZEST II – Free Unlock Code

T-Mobile second generation Zest (ZEST II) is compact stylist mobile phone coming with cheap price tag. A high gloss finish and metallic detailing, it’s perfect to slip into your pocket.

Compact featured phone compared with same family it has built-in VGA camera, MP3 player with expandable up-to 8GB by adding micro SD cards.

Unlock T-Mobile Zest II by Code FREE

As usual it’s easy as 123. get the IMEI, calculate code and enter to phone. BINGO!

  1. Read out IMEI from T-Mobile Zest II hand set – IMEI is an unique identification number for every GSM device in the world. just dial *#06# on any phone then phone will display IMEI on screen. Need more info read this article about IMEI
  2. Go to ZTE Unlock Code Calculator page. At the bottom of page there is a blue color calculator box. Enter IMEI and calculate the code.Calculator page returns 2 unlock codes NP / SP. Write down NP/NCK unlock code.
  3. Now the time to enter unlock code. Insert unaccepted SIM card (A SIM card provided by another provider other than the provider phone originally locked to. In this case any other SIM but not T-Mobile ) to phone and phone will ask unlock code. For more detail reading about entering unlock code to ZTE phone visit How to enter unlock code page

Happy unlocking.


How to find Blackberry PRD?

What is PRD?

PRD is a code stored in and printed on any Blackberry phone, in length of 13 characters and starting with string(letters) PRD. Generally PRD stands for Product Requirements Document defines product a company make, features and requirements.. A Blackberry PRD is look something like PRD-12345-123.

From PRD you may find model, designated network provider, country, software version, included languages, and more technical details.

How to find PRD?

PRD should be printed on the UPC label commonly located inside battery compartment, under the battery . Also from Blackberry Engineering Screen which can be accessible through phone’s firmware.

PRD and IMEI location on Blackberry UPC label

PRD and IMEI location on Blackberry UPC label


MEP blackberry engineering screen device information screen

MEP blackberry engineering screen device information screen

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FREE Unlock ZTE G-N295 / Orange Sydney by code

ZTE G-N295 AKA Orange Sydney or Optimus Sydney is a touch screen mobile made by ZTE corp. ZTE G N295 comes with an interactive 3.2 inch touch color screen UI, 3.2 megapixel camera, 34MB internal memory, MicroSD card slot can take up-to 4GB and 3.5 mm audio jack. It’s a dual band 2G phone does not support 3G network. Also ZTE G N295 built with WI-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity support. As usual this phone include stranded features like SMS/MMS/WAP, FM Radio, Video camera, GPRS, WAP, MP3 player and JAVA. Read reviews and spec internet for more detail.


Blackberry unlock – Calculate free unlock codes

Blackberry code calculation for 254 MEPs are free made by SiRoYa’s move, he released calculation algorithm and MEP Keys in public space. So do not pay for unlock codes. Calculate yourself. However if you’re not familiar with this you have to go for a unlock shop which is a chargeable service, do not hesitate to pay. :)

You can thank ‘SiRoYa’ for this release through comment.

To calculate unlock codes you need MEP code which can be readable by cable or you can get it from Blackberry engineering screen.

How to unlock Blackberry by unlock codes.

  • Go to download section and download MEP reader software.
  • Connect your blackberry and install drivers if require.
  • Run Blackberry MEP reader and read IMEI and MEP from your blackberry phone.
  • Download SiRoYa Blackberry Calculator or request an unlock code at Unlock Blackberry Page.
  • Input MEP and IMEI in to calculator and calculate Blackberry codes.

Request us for unlock code at Unlock Blackberry Page


ZTE G-R221 – Instant Free Unlock

ZTE G-R221 also known as T-Mobiles Zest E110 can be unlock-able using our ZTE Unlock Code Calculator. This model already tested a long while, also few comments proof that, but people still searching this site for detail and asking help via comment. We’ll update this page with more detail and step by step guide as soon as possible. While that moment please refer following.


R.I.P Steve Jobs

R.I.P Steve Jobs

R.I.P Steve Jobs

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