Why iOS 5 is better than Android Gingerbread 2.3.3

Apple’s robust operating system has just got better with the announcement of new iOS 5. The streamlined and integrated operating system is anticipated to hit the devices by fall of 2011. Google has been one pioneer in OS stream that has looked to challenge iOS with its Android platform.

However, its new release, Gingerbread, is still far behind the bench-marked iOS. In order to better understand the key differences between these platforms following parameters should be considered:

  • Social Integration – The new iOS 5 platform will be integrated with Twitter streams and the photo tagging feature on the new platform will be intrinsic. Apple has not chose Facebook but instead opted for lighter, Twitter. There are no intrinsic social integration capabilities in Gingerbread and the custom apps should instead be downloaded on the Android enabled devices to access social streams on the go.[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png]
  • Free iMessage Feature – iOS 5 will allow a user in sending free messages to other iOS users without any additional costs. No such feature exists till date in Android.
  • Security – iOS is a matured, stable and highly secured platform that can be leveraged by the end users under toughest of security constraints without any hassles. Android’s Gingerbread has handful of bugs and is vulnerable to attacks. Instead of getting culminated the number of attacks is instead on the rise.
  • Ad-Free Content – Apple’s iOS 5 will support Safari Reader feature allowing the readers to only view text stream without any ads, scripts or videos. Android’s Gingerbread lacks the feature all together and instead relies on third party vendor apps.
  • Cloud Support – Apple has changed the dynamics of the tech market by announcing iCloud on new iOS 5. The end users will be able to store data and access apps over the new iCloud feature. The data will get automatically synced up with all iOS enabled devices without any hassles. As a result, customers need not buy apps again on all the iOS devices held by them. Android’s Gingerbread does not support any custom cloud based solution and instead relies on old school of local storage.
  • Split Keyboard – iOS 5 will support split keyboard interface on the devices once the solution is upgraded. Gingerbread 2.3.3 supports standard keyboards which is pretty similar to iOS 4.3.
  • Multitasking Capabilities – Although iOS 5 and Gingerbread 2.3.3 fair almost equally in the parameter the edge again lies with iOS 5. The new platform if used over A5 chipset will provide better results. Similarly, if Gingerbread 2.3.3 is used over 800Mhz-1Ghz CPU will yield better multitasking experience on the go.

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  1. *Social Integration- my HTC Inspire 4g came with twitter AND facebook out of the box
    *iMessage- Google talk. enough said.
    *Security- iOS is just as secure as android, if not less.
    *Ad Free Content- you still get ads on videos (and android has an app for that)
    *Cloud support- I have had google sync for the past year. It’s the same as iCloud if not better.
    *Split Keyboard- There are at least 20,000 different keyboards on the android market to download. All of them are better than the junk on iOS.
    *Multitasking Capabilities- instead of just pausing the app like iOS, android actually keeps it running. iOS technically still doesn’t have full multitasking. It’s more like “recent apps”

    • .:win-tech-mobiles:.

      @Jack Thank you for your comment, we’ll discuses about this.

  2. This is one of the most ill informed articles I have ever read. Do your research next time and props to the comment above

  3. you can hide our comments. but fact remains that this is one of the most poorly researched articles EVER!! You must be an apple fan boy. Android may be new but because of the fact its open source you have the ability to customize your tablet in almost ANY way under the sun!! all the stuff you mentioned will be added its just a matter of a software upgrade, of which androids are more frequent!! how many devices run android? MILLIONS think of the connectivity potential!!

    • .:win-tech-mobiles:.

      Thank you, but I’m not hiding any comments. However poorly rated comments are hided automatically by comment rating system, still you can view those.

      This article entirely talking about iOS5 and Gingerbread , and its stranded features. I believe iOS5 is well packed with most required features, but Gingerbread still need some enhancement and patches. As jack said in first comment, it can be completed by various app and patches.

      Any android browsers support UTF-8 encoding? I’m still unsuccessful to view East-Asian languages, by default.

  4. Doesn’t Opera Mini treat East Asian with respect? I would think so?

    Free messaging!? Joking? It’s “FREE” over the INTERNET, let’s get it straigt.
    The same as AIM, Yahoo, MSN, IRC, ICQ JABBER, SKYPE, GOOGLE/Gmail…. but unlike these, you can ONLY send messages to other iOS users… eh!? what’s the point?

    Security- i am no sysadmin, but by the track record, you can hardly say iOS is a super-secure system… but in terms of architecture, you might have a point. However, that comes along with strict restrictions for developers, and effectively censorship, too.

    and let’s ignore all the “ad free” and “integration” and “does not support out of the box”…
    It does not need to, as Android users typically arn’t BABIES.

    i find it a little bit funny to compare iOS and Android.

    It’s like comparing a marker to a brush.
    Made for different lifestyles.

    Why is my life better than yours? Do you judge by path or results?

  5. Poonam Kapoor


    What about this?


    • Akhil Pk

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  6. Daniel Ricany

    I'm using an iPad right now, and it wont even let me leave my reply. Lol. Enough said.

  7. Harish Kumar Nellore

    iOS made revolutionary in mobile industry and I can say Android is xerox of iOS….

  8. Jake Engdahl

    iOS doesn't even have real multitasking, iOS is far behind Android it isn't even funny. There is so much BS out there…


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