What is old and what is new in iPad 2

If you have been thinking of getting yourself the latest iPad tablet from Apple that is the iPad 2, then one very important question that you would have been asking yourself is how much different is this compared with the original or initial iPad? Well, although there are some similarities one of which is that these two devices look the same there are, however, some interesting new features that iPad 2 has.  It is also interesting to point out now that the two iPads debuted with exactly the same price tag.

Exploring iPad
Exploring iPad

To start with the first iPad is bigger. Actually, the iPad 2 is 8.8mm, while the first is 13.4 mm. In other words, iPad 2 is 33% thinner or slimmer compared with the first or original iPad.  Another physical feature that differentiates these two is the fact that iPad 2 is 15% lighter compared with the old iPad. In this respect the initial iPad weighs 680g for the one with the WiFi only and 730g for the WiFi + 3G option. On the other hand, iPad 2 weighs 601g (WiFi only option), 607g (Verizon) and 613g (AT&T). Okay it will also interest you to note that the latest iPad in the market comes with a two color option (white and black).[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png]

One other feature that makes the iPad 2 different from the original iPad is that the iPad 2 comes with the commercially debuted A5 processor, which Apple claims has a CPU (Central Processing Unit) that is two times more powerful as well as a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) that is as much as nine times as powerful as the Apple A4 processor. The A4 processor debuted with Apple’s release of the iPad tablet. Besides this, the iPad 2 comes with two cameras, which is not available on the original iPad. One of them is a VGA forward facing camera, while the other is a 720p camera at the rear.

Moving on, you will also discover that the iPad 2 comes with a 25w-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that can last up to ten hours similar to what you have with the original iPad. Nevertheless, there is a tiny difference here and this is that the battery is 59% smaller than that of the first iPad. Also, there are two iPad accessories that are more or less designed for the iPad 2. They are: the Smart Cover that was made just for the new iPad tablet computer. And the other is the iPad 2 Dock, which was formatted especially to accommodate the design changes in iPad 2.

So there you go you now have most of what differentiates the original iPad from the iPad 2. At this point you might want to ask yourself if there is any need to get the newer iPad when you already have the original one. That is left to you to decide considering the features found on the iPad 2. Are the differences in features worth getting this new one? You will be the judge considering your needs.

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