How to find IMEI

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is 15 digit or 17 digit (IMEISV) unique number for GSM and WCDMA mobile phones, used to identify the device. Every GSM device such mobile phone, GSM modem or device with a built-in phone / modem has this unique 15 digit IMEI number. The IMEI is only used for identifying the device and has no permanent or semi-permanent relation to the subscriber. Instead, the subscriber is identified by transmission of an IMSI number, which is stored on a SIM card that can (in theory) be transferred to any handset. However, many network and security features are enabled by knowing the current device being used by a subscriber.

structure of imei and imeisv

For example, the old style IMEI code 35-209900-176148-1 or IMEISV code 35-209900-176148-23 tells us the following:

  • TAC: 35-2099 – issued by the BABT (code 35) with the allocation number 2099
  • FAC: 00 – indicating the phone was made during the transition period when FACs were being removed.
  • SNR: 176148 – uniquely identifying a unit of this model
  • CD: 1 so it is a GSM Phase 2 or higher
  • SVN: 23 – The “software version number” identifying the revision of the software installed on the phone. 99 is reserved.
  1. Usually IMEI is printed in a label under the battery compartment with many other technical details, and this is hard-printed IMEI.
  2. To read IMEI on screen type *#06#. Onscreen keypad phones first bring the keypad onscreen and type code *#06# phone will display IMEI on screen, this is soft-coded IMEI

The second method is preferred to get IMEI for code calculation, because usually phone uses programed IMEI to check the entered unlock code.
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  1. Lucal Powell

    I need to unlock my phone I got the code I type in the *#787464# but it told me I'm not register with a network, does minutes have to be on my phone to type in that code?
    Thanks for the answer.

  2. Wilber Castro

    I need help to unlock a ZTE cellphone model ZTE n861 can you help me please.

  3. Chris C.

    I need an unlock code for att go phone z990….thanks in advance !!

    Chris C.

  4. Pedro Mateus

    cant unlock my zte v875 (tmn smart A7),
    IMEI :860790010028103

  5. its me

    Need an unlock code for my zte grabd x in
    Pls contact me for informations you need

  6. Miguel Freches

    heelo I need unlock my phone can help me please my imei is 356961040047782 thx.

  7. Ani Margaryan

    nye magu razblakirovat alcatel ot 985d shto mogla postavit luboy sim kartu.

  8. Vinothkumar Nethajee

    IMEI code 356567040411546 please send me unlock code.

  9. Marco Antonio Mazzoni

    IMEI code 012295003318336 please send me unlock code.

  10. Nwaeze Nwaeze

    please help me I need to unlock zte-G n295/sydney.
    IMEI 357714043443345 please send me unlock.

  11. Abraham Ntumba

    please I need a unlock code for my zte r3100 hollywood this is imei 863796010659364.

  12. Mabirizi Godfrey

    please people am currently in Uganda an l recently bought a racer ll for orange Uganda which is a telecommunication company. the phone accepts only orange lines and l want it to accept all networks its IMEI 868322001118412.

  13. Kosta Kole

    help zte HSUPA USB Stick MF 190 IMEI 357534049151829.

  14. Brian Jason Jones

    thanks so much this blog or website really helped me..thanks once again.

  15. Bar?? Koç

    ? tried given number for zte r3100 but it said wrong np can you help me ? My imei is 863796010300787

  16. Vadim

    ZTE Tania IMEI 865010057354
    Tried all possible calculators. Neither the code is not running. Your calculator has issued codes NCK / NP and SPCK / SP, but they do not work. Do I have a chance to unlock the SIM?
    Thank you!

  17. Nnadozie

    Pls i can make calls with evry nework but can’t have accese to internet pls help me with the using zte g-n295 imei:35771404087899 orange sydeny writh now am using mtn ng.thank u

  18. I can’t seem to get a code for my ZTE N9120 to unlock it. Please help.

  19. marekom

    please I need a unlock code for my model lg s310 slovakia this is imei :354142043306085

  20. Come on people, WHERE does it say THEY will unlock your phone for you?
    They just TELL YOU HOW to unlock SOME phones

  21. CayCayT

    I need unlock code for my zte phone IMEI 866672020413695 NP 656332015613

  22. I have a zte n910 which shows the IEMI 99000058569951 and its telling me that its invalid. Could u plz help me

  23. I need the unlock code for ZTE N9515,the EMEI: 990005132828972. The carrier is Boost mobile, I am moving n the place I’m going to doesn’t have Boost mobile. I called Customer service and was given the unlock code: 700171, I am not sure if the code is only 6 digits, can someone tell me how many digits it’s supposed to have? I’D appreciate the help.

  24. Sabrina

    May I please have an unlock code for my Cricket ZTE GRAND X? Thank you so much!
    IMEI: 864642021871169/04

  25. Sam Oniti

    Kindly help me with the code for this ZTE Z667T The IMEI is: 866917027832466

  26. cynthia thapelo

    unlock code for ZTE
    model Z812
    IMEI: 869578027940357


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