DORO Unlock Code Calculator

DORO Unlock Code Calculator Web-Application designed to calculate unlock code for few DORO mobile handsets. This application can calculate and deliver NCK unlock code instantly from fifteen digit phone IMEI.

  • DORO 345
  • DORO 409
  • DORO 409s
  • DORO 410
  • DORO 410s
  • DORO 610
  • DORO 610s


Only need to find IMEI of your phone, a 15 digit unique number used to identify a GSM equipment in world.

Read How to find IMEI article before proceeding to unlock.

NOTE: This calculator application is provided to public use AS IT IS manner. Please use at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage caused by operation done by you. DO NOT use this application for commercial use. Only allowed to use for personal and educational purpose.


How to enter unlock code to DORO phone

  • Insert non-accepted SIM card to phone, normally phone will ask for unlock code
  • Or
  • Remove any SIM card inside, without SIM card dial *#787464# and enter code when prompt.

DORO Calculator


Enter IMEI to Calculate NCK Unlock code

Enter IMEI :


How long code calculation take?

Calculation process is instant and automated. A PHP based server page calculate codes realtime and display within seconds

Is this safe?

The codes are compatible to listed phone models and unique. As far as you input the correct IMEI and for listed phone models it’s safe.

How many phones I can unlock with calculated code?

Unlock code calculated is unique for the phone which has the IMEI originally. No second phone can be unlocked by same code. DO NOT try, you may end-up with a hard locked phone.

Why you provide this service free?

Because someone published the algorithm for calculate these codes free few days before, We’re giving our guests free.