FREE Unlock ZTE G-N295 / Orange Sydney by code

ZTE G-N295 AKA Orange Sydney or Optimus Sydney is a touch screen mobile made by ZTE corp. ZTE G N295 comes with an interactive 3.2 inch touch color screen UI, 3.2 megapixel camera, 34MB internal memory, MicroSD card slot can take up-to 4GB and 3.5 mm audio jack. It’s a dual band 2G phone does not support 3G network. Also ZTE G N295 built with WI-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity support. As usual this phone include stranded features like SMS/MMS/WAP, FM Radio, Video camera, GPRS, WAP, MP3 player and JAVA. Read reviews and spec internet for more detail.

Orange Sydney Black AKA ZTE G N295
Orange Sydney Black AKA ZTE G N295

Thank you for your valuable feedback that confirm our ZTE calculator support ZTE G N295 / Orange Sydney / Optimus Sydney. You can unlock your N295 free by ZTE unlock code calculator.

How to unlock ZTE G-N295 Mobile by Code.

Using ZTE unlock code calculator G-N295 can be unlock-able in few simple steps.

  • Power off your phone, Remove SIM card and power on phone without SIM inside.
  • Find out IMEI of your ZTE G N295 / Orange Sydney / Optimus Sydney – Type *#06# in phone and phone will display a 15 digit number called IMEI. Read more about how to find IMEI in this post how to find imei.
  • Go to ZTE unlock code calculator in tools section and insert 15 digit IMEI in relevant text box.
  • Go to ZTE Unlock Calculator
  • The calculator return two codes, just note NCK/NP code, that will serve as unlock code for your mobile.
  • Without SIM card inside type *983*8284#
  • Phone now will ask for “Password”. Enter NCK/NP code calculated by ZTE unlock code calculator and click OK. A message will appear saying Done. That’s all.
  • Your phone now unlocked and accept any GSM SIM worldwide.
  • If you need more help on entering unlock code visit this page

Happy unlocking by Feedback appreciated; use comment.

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132 Responses to “FREE Unlock ZTE G-N295 / Orange Sydney by code”

  1. Ellie Greene

    This isn't working idont were to type iin the code please me fast.

  2. Leigh Parsons

    now you unlocked your handsets go to and get the best deals around.

  3. Sudeep Chamling

    Hi Everybody.. I'm so happy to this beautiful website. My Friends Mobile ZTE-G n295, I SUCCESSFULLY unlocked.

  4. Debbie Allan

    Brilliant, thank you so much, just unblocked my daughter's Orange Sydney and put her on a much better pay as you go tariff elsewhere 🙂

  5. Carl Proudfoot

    hi, I have entered the unlock code but now it just says invalid sim. and if I put an orange sim in it just shuts down. need 2 know what iv done wrong as I have unlocked a couple of phones in the past and had no probs. its a orange sydney.

  6. Just unlocked my sydneY MOBILE but I put says not in service yet same pin works in other phone.need help

  7. Joshua Amos

    Cannot get my 3 sim card to work in the Sydney mobile after unlocking it, any other steps I could take?

  8. Shelley James

    great stuff unlocked from orange to virgin as that's the only sim il use thanks so much.

    • .:win-tech-mobiles:.

      Using this tool calculate your 12 digit ZTE unlock code for Orange Sydney.

  9. Jim Kirkwood

    Very straightforward procedure. Easy to follow instructions. Great website!

  10. Nyra Glez Grimon

    I think mine is an older version, It doesn´t have the icon for typing or anything and I cant even make a call if the number is not already in my contacts! Althought I have all the codes ;( Can anybody help me please?

    • Sanja Subotic Mihajlovic

      Mozes li mi reci da li je ovo Telenor Touch Start telefon i kakav je? Unapred zahvalna!

  11. Nicholas Watkins

    thank u so much , which save me money. win tech u r the best.

  12. Faisal Hanif

    thank u so much , which save me money. win tech u r the best.

  13. Yaya Ongoiba

    bonjour les c'est yaya ongoiba tout personnes qu'un arrivent pas a débloque sont portables il na venir ces moi.

  14. Aj Dymond

    Amazing it works unlocked my phone in 10 mins !! Would have only taken 2 if I had a pen lol

  15. Freya Sage

    I need a password and I cant get one because it wont let me arggg.


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