Vodafone 547 – Free Unlock Codes

Vodafone 547 is made by ZTE Corporation, now we able to give our visitors free unlock codes.

Vodafone 547 Mobile Phone
Vodafone 547 Mobile Phone

How to get unlock code for Vodafone 547

  • Power on your Vodafone 547 without SIM card.
  • Use ZTEĀ  Calculator to get the unlock code by proving phone’s IMEI (on Vodafone 547 dial *#06# to get the IMEI on screen).
  • Type *983*8284#, if nothing happens type ###825*09#
  • Vodafone 547 will prompt you for password.
  • Try unlock codes you received. Your Vodafone 547 should get unlocked.

Update : From online calculator you may receive 2 codes (NCK and SPCK). Normally this type of phones are locked with NCK lock. So first try NCK code and if failed try SPCK code.

Check this video showing the method of entering unlock code for Vodafone 547, Happy unlocking.


135 Responses to “Vodafone 547 – Free Unlock Codes”

  1. Md Akram Hossain

    please help I forget my vodaphone 547 unlock input password.

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  2. Christopher Gabriel A. Norman

    please tell me how to unlock my vodfone 354.

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  3. Marko Vukic

    Vodafone 547 code works for me. Thanks!

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  4. Alalade Ropo

    This was so useful, thank you so much.

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  5. Aca Nenadovic

    Please, please help! :-(… I need a password for Vodafone 547. thank you
    imei: 359621031661663 svn: 78.

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  6. Bibee Limbu

    Do you have network key of Vodafone 455 Ime 355768041279145.

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