Terms and Conditions

    1. We dedicated to give our customers the excellent service you deserve.
    2. wintechmobiles.com and/or owner of this website not affiliated with any of the network providers, Smart-phones, cellular device or any other handset manufacturers.
    3. All trademarks are copyright of their respective owners.
    4. Customers are fully responsible for providing the correct IMEI # and other details. Providing wrong IMEI# and/or other details will results generating a wrong unlock code and that code will not work on customer’s particular mobile phone/device.
    5. Unlocking a phone is legal in few of the countries, customers are required to check local laws before purchasing. we are not responsible for any law infringements made by its customers and we do not accept liability for any damage caused to your handset.
    1. We accept payment in US Dollar (USD) currency only.
    2. 2checkout is our authorized retailers of product and services offer by this site.
    1. All unlock codes, instructions and support requests are delivered to the email address you enter during the transaction.
    2. Your code will be processed and delivered to you automatically by email as soon as its ready to ensure a speedy delivery. Please check your inbox & junk-mail, as in some cases, the code might end up in your junk mail since some emails block automated emails.
    3. Transactions are processed immediately and processing and unlock code delivery times vary depending on the phone model. Estimated delivery time is displayed on order page.
    4. If delivery of service delayed because factors not under our control, we’ll inform customer’s and will try to find a solution which suitable for both parties.
    1. Refund will be issued in the following conditions
      1. If we can’t found the unlock code / can’t calculate unlock code within the time frame promised in the order page.
      2. Provide visual proof that a code we provided fails to unlock your device. Due to the nature of the unlocking business we require a video clip of your device showing the IMEI and code error message displayed.
      3. In the event we have exhausted our support options and still fail to unlock your device.
    2. No refund will be offered in the following conditions;
      1. IMEI number submitted to us while ordering process incorrect and order has begun processing.
      2. Phone / device is hard-locked already and not accept unlock codes anymore. It’s customer’s responsibility that to check the previous condition of the phone/device which is NOT HARD-LOCKED and in a condition to accept unlock codes. If you are not sure phone’s lock status please check with us first.
      3. In the event of no clear visual proof provided as requested (normally video evidence) by customer that confirm unlock code we provided failed to unlock your device.
      4. The unlocking service was purchased somewhere else.
      5. If device/phone successfully unlocked and no network found due to some other reason such as incompatible specification, blacklisted and barred phone. It’s customer’s responsibility that confirm the compatibility of their local network.
      6. If phone is faulty and have some hardware or software malfunction that cause no reception / poor reception.
    3. A claim of refund should initialized to billing section by opening ticket to and process of refund take up-to seven (7) working days from claim date.