Reasons Apple Fans Should Buy iPad Air 2

With the changing trends and times, our preferences and tastes have gradually shifted from standard desktop computers to mobile devices, including latest tablets and smartphones. Gone are the days when we need to carry laptops around for simple productivity tasks.  Today, consumers are keener to flaunt their style and status by waving their elegant, stylish and handy mobiles devices. These products are equipped with fast processors, high speed data connection, roomy storage space, slick apps and other latest features.

Apple iPad Air 2

Although Apple didn’t invent touch-based smartphones and tablets, it has revolutionized the mobile world. With its newer iPhone and iPad models, it continues to take the industry to the next level. The iPad Air 2 is one of the more popular products in the market and it should be appealing to any Apple fan. Here are few things to consider:

    1. Fast processor: It is a common business policy to create more advanced products than earlier ones and the same goes for these iOS-based models. The original iPad Air was equipped with A7 processor and it already works brilliantly for common tasks. However, it is probably the time for users of earlier iPad models to look further ahead as the iPad Air 2 comes with the new A8X processor. Compared to its predecessor, the A8X is 40 percent more efficient and this should guarantee longer battery life. It eats up less power, but it is still capable of accommodating richer games and demanding apps. It is possible to play more games at a much faster pace with the new tablet.
Air 2 Gold
    1. Sleek and Stylish Model: It won’t be appealing to carry around an ugly tablet everywhere and anywhere. The iPad Air 2 can be carried easily and it’s feather-weighted, not even a pound in weight. With 6.9mm of thickness, the tablet is also stylish and sleek. As comparison, the original iPad Air is slightly heavier with 7.5mm of thickness. Although it’s not much of a difference, users could still sense that the original model is heavier after holding it more than 15 minutes. By comparing the iPad Air 2 with other tablets in the market, we should get a semblance of how stylish and sleek the iPad Air 2 is.
Air 2
    1. User Friendly Display: The Apple iPad Air 2 is known for its impressive and user-friendly display. There would be minimal distractions when we are playing games and watching movies with it. For multimedia and gaming purposes, we need a great display and the Air 2 offers it. There are many functions we could get, without having to deal with distractions, such as fingerprint smudges and glare. As comparison, many tablet models in the market still use more reflective display. The iPad Air 2 doesn’t have reflective display and it offers vibrant colors for any multimedia and gaming usage.
Sleek Air 2
  1. Good camera: Although we typically don’t use tablets to capture the best memories of our lives, it would still be handy to have tablets with more than decent camera solution. The iPad Air 2 leads in the tablet category with its 8Mp rear-facing camera with its clear and good capture. As comparison, the original iPad Air offers 5Mp of camera on the back. Also, the improved software features allow us to record slow motion videos and photos in burst mode.

Overall, the iPad Air 2 is a direct representation of latest advancement in the tablet world. It is efficient and technologically advanced compared to the competing models.
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