Ten Hot iPad 2 Apps

Congratulations, you have gotten your hands on one of the hottest electronic gadgets of the season, the Ipad 2. Now, it’s time to fill it up with Apps that are going to increase the function and the capabilities that come with using the Ipad.

Here are ten hot choices for Ipad apps that you can choose from:

Facebook is a popular app to keep in touch with friends and family. It can allow you to browse profiles, connect with friends and post photos with ease.

Foursquare allows people to check in all over the country. You can check in to certain locations and get discounts and other incentives by doing so.

Angry Birds Lite can enable you to play Angry Birds, without the cost. The free version of the game boasts multiple levels that can be played for amusement.

Ibooks enables you to read on the go and buy books from the ITunes store or download books from other sources to turn the Ipad 2 into an eReader.

Instagram is a popular photo app that can allow you take photos using the Ipad and post the photos to Facebook or Twitter, while taking part in the social network and editing photos in over ten effects while gaining followers.

Scrabble gives you a digital version of the game that you have come to know and love. The digital version of the game can allow you to interact with players through the web while playing against an opponent at home.

Doodle Buddy is one of the most popular applications for young children, allowing them to doodle and create pictures using stamps, paint and other effects.

WeatherEye can enable you to keep on top of the weather forecast, wherever you are. You can change the city from place to place and have a peek at weather while receiving alerts, across the globe.

Ebay can keep your shopping in check on the go. You can receive notifications when you have been outbid on an item and determine if you have won, while browing through new auction items.

Twitter allows you to receive alerts while taking part in the powerful social network. You can receive alerts to keep you in line with the latest news of the people that are being followed, all from the convenience of the Ipad 2.

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