Unlock Nokia 1202, 1661, 1662, 5030 – in a new way.

Finally GSM reverse engineers found a way to unlock Nokia DCT4 Plus Phones. Not like previous firmware patch method, this time a full – non patch – lock data calculation unlocking that supports all Nokia DCT4 Plus mobile handsets in market and future releases too.

Now All DCT 4+ phones supported including 1202, 1661, 1662, 5030 ( UPP2293 Based)

  • Real Unlocking based on RSA signature of Sim lock RPL SL data – a true unlock method for DCT4+ World first.
  • Lock to any network
  • Sim Lock repair is possible, so no-more CS due to Sim Lock Data damaged.
  • Can Upload Sim Lock data to any empty board DCT4 Plus Phone.

This grate solution introduced by MX-Key on 11 April 2010 and now available through most of the Nokia Service tools like Universal Box, MT-Box and Cyclone.

The Small List of Phone supported,

  • 1110i RH-93
  • 1112b RH-92
  • 1200 RH-99
  • 1200 RH-100
  • 1202 RH-112
  • 1202-2b RH-113
  • 1203 RH-112
  • 1208 RH-105
  • 1208b RH-106
  • 1600 RH-64
  • 1600b RH-66
  • 1650 RM-305
  • 1661 RH-122
  • 1661-2b RH-121
  • 1662 RH-122
  • 1680c RM-394
  • 1680c-2b RM-395
  • 1680c-2b RM-490
  • 2220 slide RM-590
  • 2220-2b slide RM-591
  • 2310 RM-189
  • 2320c RM-514
  • 2320c-2b RM-515
  • 2323c RM-543
  • 2323c-2b RM-544
  • 2330c RM-512
  • 2330c-2b RM-513
  • 2332c RM-512
  • 2600 RH-59
  • 2600a RH-60
  • 2600c RM-340
  • 2600c-2b RM-341
  • 2610 RH-86
  • 2610b RH-87
  • 2626 RM-291
  • 2630 RM-298
  • 2630b RM-299
  • 2660 RM-292
  • 2660b RM-293
  • 2680s RM-392
  • 2680s-2b RM-933
  • 2680s-2b RM-500
  • 2720a RM-519
  • 2720a-2b RM-520
  • 2760 RM-258
  • 2760b RM-259
  • 2760h RM-391
  • 5000 RM-362
  • 5000d-2b RM-363
  • 5030c RM-524
  • 5030c-2b RM-525
  • 6030b RM-75
  • 7070 RH-116
  • 7100s RM-438
  • 7100s-2b RM-439

27 Responses to “Unlock Nokia 1202, 1661, 1662, 5030 – in a new way.”

  1. Hi

    I have a Nokia 1661 locked to Virgin UK.
    Could you please provide help to unlock it.

    • Hi,

      I’m sorry, Nokia 1661 unlock can be done through professional unlock tools. No public code solution till.

  2. Shakeel Ahmed

    i have nokia 1202 blocked by the system. plz tell me the unlock code for my phone.
    IMEI: 358265035245973

  3. fiaz bhutta

    I have a Nokia 1661 locked to Virgin UK.
    Could you please provide help to unlock it. please conntact 03012436291

    • Mr Fiaz,

      I love to help you, but unfortunately for both two models you specified only we have cable solution and it has to be done in technical table not by code. Please try to approach a local unlocking shop, they can do it for you for few bucks.

  4. fiaz bhutta

    I have a Nokia 1202 locked to Virgin UK.
    Could you please provide help to unlock it. contact me 03012436291

  5. hello i have a nokia 1662
    IMEI: 355233/03/766100/4
    it is made in romania but i got it from france i dont know which operator i would appreciate if you give me the code or how to unlock it 🙂 thanx

    • I’m sorry, I can”t calculate Nokia unlock codes, this solution is for professional unlockers.

  6. Hi, please emial me the unlock code;
    My cell phone is Nokia 1661-2b RH 121,
    T Mobile USA
    IMEI: 012447 00 077368 8

    Thank you very much

  7. i have a nokia 1662-2 Rh-122 that i want to unlock
    IMEI: 351 945 03 519 097 5
    help please…

  8. Hi, kindly email me the unlock code;
    My cell phone is Nokia 1661-2b RH 121,
    T Mobile USA
    IMEI: 012447 00 763050 1
    Code : 0580796KR113F
    Thank you very much

  9. Luis Gilberto

    nokia n97 mini rm553, imei357985031592323, how to get the unlock code?

  10. Hi, can you please help me unlock my nokia 1661-2b phone with a code? The IMEI is 012447004945332 thanks.

  11. am si eu un nokia 2730c1 si asi vrea sal deblochez ma puteti ajuta plz este codat pe spania ms mult

  12. I hav Nokia 1661 2-bt mobile plz send me unlock code Miri no is 012447002156379

  13. Brian Reiss

    reading about is a waste of time. Apparently it's not available to actually unlock a 1661 on the consumer level. I just bought one at walyl world for $5.oo on the clearance rack.

  14. Kakama Abuneri Abu

    what code do I put in a phone to enter the calculated code<huawei>.

  15. Anand Sekar

    1202-2 RH-112 I want unlock my phone my imei code . 358265032469857

  16. GabrielMarte

    Please, help us with unlock code nokia 1661-2b type RH-121 “ECHO EN BRASIL ZONA F MANAUS”
    no addictional information sim/company.. buy in Perù.
    IMEI nr. 011867008049545 code 0578471GQ11GB
    FCC ID QTLRH-121
    CNC ID 17-7174


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