Blackberry unlock – Calculate free unlock codes

Blackberry code calculation for 254 MEPs are free made by SiRoYa’s move, he released calculation algorithm and MEP Keys in public space. So do not pay for unlock codes. Calculate yourself. However if you’re not familiar with this you have to go for a unlock shop which is a chargeable service, do not hesitate to pay. 🙂

You can thank ‘SiRoYa’ for this release through comment.

To calculate unlock codes you need MEP code which can be readable by cable or you can get it from Blackberry engineering screen.

How to unlock Blackberry by unlock codes.

  • Go to download section and download MEP reader software.
  • Connect your blackberry and install drivers if require.
  • Run Blackberry MEP reader and read IMEI and MEP from your blackberry phone.
  • Download SiRoYa Blackberry Calculator or request an unlock code at Unlock Blackberry Page.
  • Input MEP and IMEI in to calculator and calculate Blackberry codes.

Request us for unlock code at Unlock Blackberry Page

22 Responses to “Blackberry unlock – Calculate free unlock codes”

    • .:win-tech-mobiles:.

      Please google for a while. We’re testing solutions available and we’ll upload a calculator that most user friendly and bug free. We’re working on that.

    • .:win-tech-mobiles:.

      Find blackberry PRD or MEP. Otherwise which network it locked to?

  1. plz send me the unlock code for blackberry 8520 curve.

    here is my I MEI number
    i would be verythank full to you.

    • .:win-tech-mobiles:.

      Try here

  2. Mayk Guajardo

    mep blackberry para liberar el imei es 352773055633362 esmovistar.

  3. Family's Bourgouin

    ou vle unlock ou flache yn phone….pa gen 2 ke mwn! let's go…….


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