Orange Rio messaging handset – Free unlock by code

Orange Rio another ZTE X991 based mobile with email, surfing and text now ready to be unlock via our ZTE Unlock Code Online Calculator for free.

Orange Rio - ZTE X991
Orange Rio – ZTE X991

How to unlock Orange Rio?

  • Switch on Orange Rio without SIM card and read the IMEI (Just dial *#06# on your mobile, 15 digit IMEI number will be displayed on screen)
  • Visit our ZTE Unlock Code Online Calculator and calculate unique unlock code for your Orange Rio
  • Switch off the handset and put a unacceptable SIM inside again switch it on.
  • Orange Rio should display a screen asking “Enter NP code”
  • Just type the “NCK code” you calculated in step 2.
  • That’s all. Happy unlocking.

Feedback via comment. That’s help other visitors.

A video showing how to enter unlock code / NP code / NCK code to Orange Rio.


[blue_message]A note to UK Three subscribers: Please be aware the ZTE X991 / Orange Rio is a 2G capable phone and does not support 3G network. Unfortunately I’ve read few articles that UK Three network provider switching off their 2G (900/1800MHz) channels or 2G roaming. I’m not in UK and I don’t know the real story, but when you use UK Three SIM and you get something like “Emergency Calls Only” and no coverage indicator on display, most probably Three network does not support 2G (900/1800MHz) in the area you’re using. Please share your experience.[/blue_message] [blue_message] If you’re looking to unlock Orange RIO II 3G mobile phone, instructions can be found here >> Orange RIO II | 3G Phone – Instant Free Unlock [/blue_message]

138 Responses to “Orange Rio messaging handset – Free unlock by code”

  1. this worked great but it will now not let me use my 3sim which it did at first for 2weeks any ideas why this has happened, it will allow any other sim

    • Try to unlock it once again, with unacceptable SIM card inside.
      # Switch off the handset and put a unacceptable SIM inside again switch it on.
      # Orange Rio should display a screen asking “Enter NP code”
      # Just type the “NCK code” you calculated in step 2.

      Post your result here.

  2. i followed all the steps but a sign came up saying sorry unable to register sim
    :s and i try taking it out and doing it over again but the sign kept coming up i put in an O2 sim 🙂 any help please xx

    • May be two causes, non active SIM card or Black listed phone. Please check your SIM with another phone.

  3. Can you help unlock worked with t-mobile sim but only get the orange logo with o2 sim card in.
    Please can you help!!

  4. HELLLLPPPP!!! When i put an o2 sim in my ph (orange) it wont even turn on… It gets to the part were the pretty lights sparkle then…….. Black, nuthin, the button lights just flash every now and then…. What can i do, Please help.

    • Have you checked you’re putting the SIM In the correct way? That Could be a possible contributor

      • andrea

        the same has just happened me and i have the sim card in the correct way! any suggestions?

  5. James Rann

    how do i find out my security code on the online ZTE Unlock Calculator? I need it to unlock the phone 🙁

  6. Orange Rio should display a screen asking “Enter NP code”
    Just type the “NCK code” you calculated in step 2.

    got the NCKA code, but how do i get to step 2?

  7. Hi I think my phone has unlocked with the code but it says
    emergency calls only with a 3 SIM
    invalid SIM when I put a vodfone SIM into it.

    It is no longer asking for the NP code so it seems to have worked otherwise.

    Can I force the phone to request the NP code again?

  8. I think its worked, i did the steps put 3 sim card put the NCK code but on the top it came up emergeny only then changed with orange on the but with a 3 sim inside. i did however get a text from the same phone from 3 saying it is going to try and connect me in 30mins so im waiting.

  9. its worked. I dont now if its the signal in my area but the signal is very weak and the network gets lost

    • I believe it’s a kind of lack in 2G network coverage for your operator. Which SIM you’re using now?

    • ZTE X991 is a GSM 2G band phone, it does not support 3G networks, As far I know 3 is using 3G network. Check phone compatibility with your new provider.

  10. Craig Callaghan

    Worked perfect thankyou so much you have saved me cash that I didnt want to waste on another mobile, I should never off got a orange phone they are a rip off lol once again thanks

  11. When ever i put a sim into my rio phone it has sim registered unsuccessful, i registered my sim online aswell but it still does not work

    • There are two possible causes,

      1. Unregisted SIM – put the SIM in to another phone, does it work?
      2. Is that phone black listed ?

      Check with it please.

      • The sim is working properly
        there is something wrong with my phone i think because no other sim is working on it
        I have unlocked my phone aswell

        • If you’re using UK Three, please read the note at end of this article.

  12. hi, i want to get this phone, but hate orange! so want to use 02, just want to make sure this is safe as i really dont want to damage a new phone that im paying for! thanks x

  13. hi ive done everything and it excepts virgin but not 02 or vodaphone any ideas both them sims work in me old phone

    • I have no clue, but Orange Rio is a 2G compatible dual band phone. Specially it’s not a 3G compatible phone. Therefore both O2 and Vodafone should provide 2G compatible 900/1800MHz network coverage in order to work your handset properly. I don’t know where you’re operating and coverage details. However please confirm with your provider which band and technology they are operating through.

  14. da don raiyah

    omg fanx websiteeee or waystemannz i gt ma fone unlocked snm famalam

  15. Thank you so much – it worked for me 🙂 Was a little hesitant on trying it but it worked fine!

  16. jeeva

    i love this website, my phone is working fine… thank you very much………..

  17. Excellent!!! worked first time no problem…saved me £30


  18. Frenchy

    It worked for a French sim card – also Orange- Thank you. I just love You Tube for giving you the knowledge!!! Thank you..

  19. I have exactly the same problem as Sara reported earlier. Unlocked okay. The boot up starts and then hangs – just get a black screen. Actually thinking about it the phone wouldn’t accept the SIM to initiate the unlock procedure. I had to use another SIM to do that. I have 3 O2 SIMS, 2 work in the unlocked Rio and one hangs the Rio. I’ve tried it in 2 unlocked Rios too with the same result. The ‘awkward’ O2 SIM works fine in a Nokia and an Orange San Francisco (which is made by ZTE – the makers of the Rio).

    • Admin


      Thanks for reporting. Can you check the following.

      1. Type ###825*09# and enter the code without SIM.
      2. Check particular O2 SIM is 2G / 3G type.
      3. Try to delete SMSs and contacts you have saved in the particular SIM and try again the produces.

      • Thanks for the reply.

        1. I switched on without the SIM, typed ###825*09# and then pressed Dial and it just says ‘Emergency Calls Only’.
        2. It is 3G
        3. There are no contacts or SMSs on the SIM

        The phone freezes within a second of the Orange logo coming up. It did before the initial unlocking. O2 have offered to send a replacement SIM to see if that helps but if it is solvable I would like to. Not sure what I am doing wrong with ‘1’.

          • Sorry – only just got the phone back to test. Same thing – just get ‘Emergency calls only’ using *983*8284# and pressing Dial. As mentioned it is unlocked using the method listed and works with other SIMS – just not the one I want it to.

  20. I unlocked my Rio in seconds =D And I used a Three sim and it works fine since Orange have said that the Rio is 3g compatible so….this site is a life saver lol thanks =)

    • You unlocked an Orange RIO II. Wow! It’s a new report. Thank you.

  21. Thank you SO very much.

    It worked at treat. I cant believe it was free too.

    Very very pleased.

  22. stacey

    Fab thanks so much , saves me 20 quid now whilst using an old phone when waiting for repair on my blackberry 🙂 thanks x

  23. just a question, if this fails and sim is unregistered etc. can i just pop my old orange one back in and use the phone as normal? if not what will i have to do?

    • Yes, obviously you can use Orange SIM as well as others. Before you unlock check your phone with working SIM card, then unlock.

  24. Fantastic,show couldnt unlock phone, 5 mins on here and phone unlocked and working great,many thanks and it was free happy days

  25. Hi i dont really get how to do it so please can you give me more info and how to do step 2 in more info.

  26. Carolyn

    Hi guys I have tried using both the #06# and the *983*8284# code but only get emergency calls. am i doing some thing wrong? Your help is appreciated.

  27. Carolyn

    Amazing, after trying unsuccessfully to use the codes to get the EMEI code via the phone, i removed the battery and there it was, laughing at me. I then put in a new sim and entered the NKC code and it worked brilliantly. Many thanks for saving me a tenner.

  28. stuart

    Hi i have just entered unlock code for orange rio2,but it does not give me the option to accept/ok can anybody help thanks.

    • .:win-tech-mobiles:.

      You need a 16 digit unlock code which is not available here at the movement. Sorry

  29. caroline

    i tried the unlock code that your site provided for my rio zte x991 but it did not work, after trying it once, it didnt ask for the np code again…please help x

  30. andrea

    i have the code to unlock but cant as the phone will not come on with an o2 sim card inserted (i have also tried with no sim card) i only have the phone a couple of days and in the orange website it says you have to have the phone at least 3 months before it can be unlocked… this correct and if so is there anyway round it?


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