Orange Rio messaging handset – Free unlock by code

Orange Rio another ZTE X991 based mobile with email, surfing and text now ready to be unlock via our ZTE Unlock Code Online Calculator for free.

Orange Rio - ZTE X991
Orange Rio – ZTE X991

How to unlock Orange Rio?

  • Switch on Orange Rio without SIM card and read the IMEI (Just dial *#06# on your mobile, 15 digit IMEI number will be displayed on screen)
  • Visit our ZTE Unlock Code Online Calculator and calculate unique unlock code for your Orange Rio
  • Switch off the handset and put a unacceptable SIM inside again switch it on.
  • Orange Rio should display a screen asking “Enter NP code”
  • Just type the “NCK code” you calculated in step 2.
  • That’s all. Happy unlocking.

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A video showing how to enter unlock code / NP code / NCK code to Orange Rio.


[blue_message]A note to UK Three subscribers: Please be aware the ZTE X991 / Orange Rio is a 2G capable phone and does not support 3G network. Unfortunately I’ve read few articles that UK Three network provider switching off their 2G (900/1800MHz) channels or 2G roaming. I’m not in UK and I don’t know the real story, but when you use UK Three SIM and you get something like “Emergency Calls Only” and no coverage indicator on display, most probably Three network does not support 2G (900/1800MHz) in the area you’re using. Please share your experience.[/blue_message] [blue_message] If you’re looking to unlock Orange RIO II 3G mobile phone, instructions can be found here >> Orange RIO II | 3G Phone – Instant Free Unlock [/blue_message]

138 Responses to “Orange Rio messaging handset – Free unlock by code”

  1. I unlocked this and put my vodafone sim but I’m getting a mixture of vodafone & orange connections. I can text but not ring. What is wrong? Thanks

  2. Dariusz Ruszkiewicz

    IMEI : 352945042847723
    NCK/NP Code : 549574625527
    SPCK/SP Code : 866212865066


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