Free unlock codes for Orange Vegas

Now time to unlock Orange Vegas – the cheapest full touchscreen handset exclusively designed for Orange by ZTE.

Orange Vegas
Orange Vegas

How to unlock Orange Vegas by Code

  1. Get your Orange Vegas IMEI by typing *#06# on home screen. Phone will display 15 digit IMEI number on screen.
  2. Go to our ZTE Calculator through tools menu and get the unlock codes through submitting the IMEI you got from your Orange Vegas.
  3. Once you got the unlock code power off your Orange Vegas, Insert a non-acceptable SIM and  power on again.
  4. When it’s ask for NP code type the code you got from our ZTE calculator.
  5. Phone will get unlocked and you can any SIM inside your Orange Vegas.

11 Responses to “Free unlock codes for Orange Vegas”

  1. From: Steve Sheppard
    When I’ve got the the 2 codes from the calculator,which one do I use to unlock phone (or do I use both)

    Commonly use NCK code (NP code). if failed try SPCK code.

  2. Hulo there
    thanks so much for work you have done simplifying unlocking of phones.
    it is really good work and i personally do appropriate.
    but i have problem of getting into prompt code screen of other phones
    i.e MTN locked phones, AIRTEL locked phones, UTL , and orange alcatel

    i wanted know how can this work as well .

  3. mickey2tun

    thx a lot worked no problem and very easy instructions to follow,thx again mickey2tun

  4. Dude, you just saved me having to pay Orange £20.42 + call costs to unlock this mobile, which is about what the bloody phone cost in the first place!


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