Free Unlock for T-Mobile Vibe E200 in a Minute

Welcome back, Thank you DaveTheRave for test report about your successful unlock attempt with T-Mobile Vibe E200 aka ZTE G-X930. Now we all going to unlock T-Mobile Vibe E200 with ZTE unlock code calculator in a minute and free.

Vibe E200 is a low range messaging handset supports SMS, MMS and Email with built-in exclusive QWERTY keyboard and also 2.8 inch 256K colors TFT resistive touch-screen for other normal operation.

T Mobile Vibe E200 mobile
T-Mobile Vibe E200 mobile makes social networking easy

For more specifications and features please visit GSMArena at

How to Unlock Vibe E200 / ZTE GX930[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png]

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20 Responses to “Free Unlock for T-Mobile Vibe E200 in a Minute”

  1. Rhiannon

    I used the calculator to unlock my t mobile vibe to a Vodafone contract Sim and i went to use it to text and it would not let me and it wont let me use the internet either it will only let me phone people , i should be able to text and use the internet it works in any other phone help? thank you 🙂

  2. I used your calculator to generate the NCK code on the ZTE T mobile E200 slide (PAYG) phone I recently purchased. I inserted my current sim (Network 3) and plugged in the NCK code, which allowed the phone to start up. However the phone is in emergency mode, not allowing any incoming or outgoing calls. ANy ideas how I can get over this problem, so I can start using the phone. Many thanks, and a real pleasure using your website.

    • It’s obvious; you can’t get 3G network using a 2G only phone. In other word e200 is a 2G phone which operates 900/1800MHz channels. At the same time UK Three (3 UK) shutting down or killing their 2G coverage. So you can’t use Vibe E200 with UK 3. Read the footnote on this page please.

      • Thanks very much, can you confirm the T-mobile unity phone is more suited to run with 3G??

        • Unfortunately T-Mobile Unity also not compatible with UK 3’s 3G network. It’s a quad band phone operating with GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz network.

        • If you can, try Orange RIO II; as far I know it’s compatible with your carrier.

  3. I have 1 vibe e200 but it has security code on screen … how can I remove it …?

  4. leigh

    hi,, i used your website to unlock my tmobile vibe and put my old orange sim card in it but the internet wont work,, any ideas on how to rectify said problem ? many thanks

  5. i used it to now i cannot send or get mms any 1 out there that can help with this

  6. Jamie Cooper

    ny1 knw how to set up the internet on a tmobile vibe on orange network ny help wud b apprecisted.

  7. Stacey Bennett

    want to put my orange sim into the T-Mobile vibe and all it asks for is an NP code, can anyone do this for me as I have no idea what I am doing.

  8. Gogo Bela Zola

    pourié-vous me donné le code NP de zte x930 IMEI: 865012002475472


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