How to enter unlock code to ZTE phone

Visitors asking questions about how to enter unlock code to some ZTE phones. We don’t have exact answer for this question because there are lot of models in market and we’re not able to test all. But these are the common methods to enter unlock code to generic ZTE or ZTE based phones.

How to Enter Unlock code to ZTE phone
  1. Insert an unacceptable SIM card to locked phone, now phone should ask unlock code (NP code?). Easy just enter code.
  2. Not working?, alright now remove the SIM card and try this code ###825*09# . got the prompt for code? enter the code.
  3. Failed above, try *983*8284# . It should work.
  4. Try *983*865625# also it’s working on few models of ZTE phones like F102 (Thank you ‘Lomarko’ for your comment)
  5. For ZTE S302, TMN1200, MEGAFON SP09, EMPORIA V170 Life+ >> insert a SIM card and type  ###3854#UNLOCK_CODE# . (Replace UNLOCK_CODE with unique unlock code for your phone)
  6. ZTE VODAFONE ZTC SP50 >> insert a SIM card and type ###1562#UNLOCK_CODE# and after press GREEN KEY. (Replace UNLOCK_CODE with unique unlock code for your phone)

All above methods failed? Try Google search and share any new methods via comment with your phone model, let’s help each other.

Happy unlocking.

855 Responses to “How to enter unlock code to ZTE phone”

  1. Plz help to nlock my ZTE Fit 4G Smart. it is network locked and want to use another carrier. it required NP code.
    Model: ZTE Fit 4G Smart LTE Mobile Phone
    IMEI: 866501027466770


  2. luis holguin

    mi zte z992 no lo puedo liberar de americano a mexicano como le puedo hacer ayudenme por favor el imei es 864721020783441

  3. Sabrina

    I have a ZTE GRAND X through the Cricket network. If the unlock code i entered doesnt work where do i enter the code when i take the unacceptable SIM card out of my device.

  4. ???? ?????????

    ?? ???? ??? ???? ???? ???? ????? zte A61 ??? ????? ??? ???? imei 353008025871662 — ????? 266719015400

  5. ???? ?????????

    ???? ??? ????? zte A61 ??? ????? ??? ???? imei 353008025871662 –??????-266719015400


    Anyone can help me get my zte 667 model unlocked? None of the other generators were able to give me the correct code. Also if i changed my imei # and then proceeded would that possibly work.


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