How to enter unlock code to ZTE phone

Visitors asking questions about how to enter unlock code to some ZTE phones. We don’t have exact answer for this question because there are lot of models in market and we’re not able to test all. But these are the common methods to enter unlock code to generic ZTE or ZTE based phones.

How to Enter Unlock code to ZTE phone
  1. Insert an unacceptable SIM card to locked phone, now phone should ask unlock code (NP code?). Easy just enter code.
  2. Not working?, alright now remove the SIM card and try this code ###825*09# . got the prompt for code? enter the code.
  3. Failed above, try *983*8284# . It should work.
  4. Try *983*865625# also it’s working on few models of ZTE phones like F102 (Thank you ‘Lomarko’ for your comment)
  5. For ZTE S302, TMN1200, MEGAFON SP09, EMPORIA V170 Life+ >> insert a SIM card and type  ###3854#UNLOCK_CODE# . (Replace UNLOCK_CODE with unique unlock code for your phone)
  6. ZTE VODAFONE ZTC SP50 >> insert a SIM card and type ###1562#UNLOCK_CODE# and after press GREEN KEY. (Replace UNLOCK_CODE with unique unlock code for your phone)

All above methods failed? Try Google search and share any new methods via comment with your phone model, let’s help each other.

Happy unlocking.

881 Responses to “How to enter unlock code to ZTE phone”

  1. robin willams

    If those codes are not working u can try hard reset or clear memory by going into recovery mode. In z990 u can enter to recovery mode by following steps. power off the device then hold vol + and menu and power key. after few seconds u will go to recovery screen there select the option reset to factory settings by using vol+ and vol- as cursor. use back key as selecting option.

  2. Muliki Joseph Enock

    I tried all the above and nothing worked am using a zte racer II android and my sim card can be recognised.

  3. daniel

    My phone simply tells me “invalid sim” and i can’t even open the phone dialing numbers so as to enter the codes u listed above. Any idea on what to do next? I want to be able to usr my zte with any sim even international one. Please help. Thanks!

  4. sweity

    phone blocked please contac
    t yor operator imei 359084030052642 sn 322993230015

  5. Roy Muckart

    could not make this work with a Spanish sim carded phone. It did not ask for np code, and when you enter a code on the keypad, what do you do next?

  6. Tabatha Nicole Wilson

    I have a zte warp n861 and it doesn't have a sim card. How do I enter the codes now?

  7. Monday Abiodun Agbonifo

    I have a zte warp e990g. It has a sim card but I cannot use it in Nigeria using other sim card.

  8. Monday Abiodun Agbonifo

    I got zte merit z990g. Its sim card lock I use factory code but it shows sim card invalid, Please, how do I go about it?

  9. I have a black rio phone trying to unlock it I got this code 765778570577 but it does not work I need a 12 digit number can anyone help.plz

  10. my phone is zte f930 i tried unlock code but it required 15 digits code but the site provided only a 12 digit code plzz help………also how to hard reset this phone??????

  11. Bryan John

    I typed in the the code but nothing happened. I pressed enter and still nothing happened.

  12. Turbour ogunniran

    Please can anyone unlock vodafone v354x. Imei 861966001005115 pro id v354x-2AVDGB1

  13. Jodie Thomsen

    ZTE V9 IMEI 355912040591916. Its asking me for my Google account to many pattern attempts

    • Yasmin C. Pinela

      yea that's what mine is saying but I haven't gotten a explanation for it 🙁

    • Muhammad Shoaib

      IMEI : 355912040591916
      NCK/NP Code : 734750557954
      SPCK/SP Code : 343845597163

    • Daniel

      That Means that your phone has been locked “temporarily” by Google.
      What you need to do is just sign in with your GMail account: (ID & Password) and the device will be unlocked.

  14. Sasha Baird

    How do I unlock my telstra ZTE T760 to any network I cant put * or # in my unlock part

  15. Dharma Raj

    hi my phone f102 asking 16 digits. but calculator shows 12 digits. how to solve?

  16. Luisa Martins

    Hi I need help I want unlock my mobile ZTE T22!! Please help me

  17. Elizabeth Sarah Nesbitt

    I have the zte merit z990g via straighttalk. Recently I rooted the phone using the zte merit z990 at&t avail rom and CWM through area51. Now when I put a at&t sim card in it asks for the sim network unlock code. I used the code calculator from this site by entering my imei number but it did not work. If I do it 5 more times I will brick my phone. None of these above suggestions have been working for me either. Has anybody had luck with this technique using the zte merith z990g?

  18. Vedran Ukay

    So there's no chance to unlock phones who requires 16-digits nck code for free?

  19. Mic Tzek Nelly

    Hi can u help me unlock my zte n88oe….please

  20. Anonymous

    Hi, I have vodafone 553 with qwerty keypad, I'm having issues with its keypad since some days so, I stopped using it for typing messages and all other purposes. 2 days ago, I accidentally used the keypad and since that my vodafone 553 display is completely messed up with 2-3 screens appearing all together. I cannot even read text messages now due to this issue, Can any one please guide for the solution to this problem? I am having very critical issue with this error. Looking for your guide. Thanks.

  21. Yusuf M Zubairu

    pls input phone lock code 550 pls send solution.

  22. Alin Boss


  23. Tanyi Jesse

    i decided to reset my ZTE racer 2.
    after that it told me sim network is lock.and below the message it shows emergency dialer.

    so I followed a post on this site which to me to Daile.
    *983*258# which I did.
    after the phone loads and ask me to enter.
    unlock password
    please I don't have or know the password they are asking me to enter. please help me out.

  24. G-star Arbaaz Khan

    hello can you help me unlock my alcatel 602 NCK/NP Code : 281195068759.
    SPCK/SP Code : 738513308857 can you please help me. thank you and my imei is 16digits.

  25. Guffy Ambrose


  26. Gashugi Madjid

    My zte-G R352 is blocked by SIM lock. the is no any sim is work in. help me

  27. Hi can u help me unlock my zte f953. imei – 356532040139885. please!!!

  28. MY ZTE LITE KIS phone is lock as i have used a pattern lock, and i had made several attempts. is there any way to unlock the phone.


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