How to Unlock Orange San Francisco by Code

Orange San Francisco is ZTE Blade based smart phone released by Orange Network, and it’s comes with a network lock to Orange by factory. San Francisco powered by Android v2.1 Eclair operating system. Also there are lot of noticeable features 3.5 inch touchscreen, 480×800, 600MHz CPU and WiFi / Bluetooth / USB / GPS connectivity.

Unlocking is simple as few steps…

Steps to Unlock Orange San Francisco by Free Code

Orange San Francisco / ZTE Blade
Orange San Francisco / ZTE Blade
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  1. Readout IMEI from your Orange San Francisco or ZTE Blade phone. How to read IMEI
  2. Visit ZTE Blade NCK Calculator and Calculate NCK code online using IMEI you got in previous step.
  3. Now switch off your mobile.
  4. Insert a SIM card from different network.
  5. Power on Orange San Francisco.
  6. After boot completed,  you should be prompted to enter the unlock code.
  7. Now you have a unlocked San Francisco or ZTE Blade.

Happy Unlocking.

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18 Responses to “How to Unlock Orange San Francisco by Code”

  1. did not work for me tried several different sims, all to no avail…

  2. Tabuki

    In Krautland we say you are not a ” Hohlkopf “. (Empty Brain)

  3. Just España

    nice sharing boss…
    thanks for the very nice and useful reference:D

    • Anonymous

      have you succeeded in unlocking your SAN FRANCISCO 11? If yes how did you do it.
      Help me too.

  4. Border Line

    Huawei U8160 (Vodafone Smart 858), found it!, the owner newer called his/her phone to get it back?, can I unlock it for FREE?

  5. Holluwatosin Peter Hodunharyo

    how would I unlock my mtn huawei phone asking for np code when I put other sim except from mtn.

  6. Rafael Boscan

    I Tried with the calculator code to unlock my zte blade III but it is no working i put the code and the tel said thats wrong please help me


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