T-Mobile Vairy Touch II – Unlock it Free

T-Mobile Vairy Touch II affordable touchscreen mobile can be unlock-able through ZTE unlock code calculator. It’s identical to ZTE G-N281.

T-Mobile Vairy Touch II
T-Mobile Vairy Touch II

For more information and specification visit http://www.gsmarena.com/t_mobile_vairy_touch_ii-pictures-3190.php

How to unlock T-Mobile Vairy Touch II

  • Get the IMEI number – Switch on T-Mobile Vairy Touch II( or ZTE G-N281) without SIM card and type *#06#. Device will display 15 digit number on screen.
  • Calculate Code – Go to ZTE Code Calculator page (open in new window) and input the 15 digit IMEI number displayed on your T-Mobile Vairy Touch II (or ZTE G-N281). Calculate code as usual (Click calculate button)
  • Unlock – Enter calculated NCK code to locked T-Mobile Vairy Touch II ( read more here for how to enter unlock code https://www.wintechmobiles.com/unlocking/how-to-enter-unlock-code-to-zte-phone/) When it’s ask for unlock code (NP code) insert the first code you have calculated from online calculator.

Happy unlocking ZTE G-N281 or T-Mobile Vairy Touch II.

Post test report via comments.

83 Responses to “T-Mobile Vairy Touch II – Unlock it Free”

  1. Andrew Wilkinson

    Iv'e used these before unlockscodes dot com they unlocked my samsung galaxy for me with an unlock code, dead simple. They can pretty much unlock any phone worldwide and would recommend.

  2. Thoufique Mohammed

    great bro………it works………absolutely great………you are a star.

  3. Hart Ádám

    It doesn't work for me. When I try to enter te np code it's writes : just emergency call. And nothing happend!
    Pls someone help!

  4. Umar Yousaf

    please help me.
    Huawei t mobile energy.
    IMEI : 861132003001418.
    Unlock : 59714603.
    Flash : 58457392.

    says wrong password.
    please need np code thanks in advance.

  5. Tariq Majeed

    please anyone help me to open code for my t-mobile vairy touch ii zte-g n281 lilac. imei 359723033988621 please reply me urgent.
    take care

  6. Michael Crawford

    need unlocking code for t mobile engry please.

  7. Barros Luis

    Huawei G7300/ T- Mobile Energy Unlock Tutorial.avi.

  8. Connor Muckleston

    it allowed the code but restarted and still said pin blocked. help!


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