T-Mobile ZEST II – Free Unlock Code

T-Mobile second generation Zest (ZEST II) is compact stylist mobile phone coming with cheap price tag. A high gloss finish and metallic detailing, it’s perfect to slip into your pocket.

Compact featured phone compared with same family it has built-in VGA camera, MP3 player with expandable up-to 8GB by adding micro SD cards.

Unlock T-Mobile Zest II by Code FREE

As usual it’s easy as 123. get the IMEI, calculate code and enter to phone. BINGO!

  1. Read out IMEI from T-Mobile Zest II hand set – IMEI is an unique identification number for every GSM device in the world. just dial *#06# on any phone then phone will display IMEI on screen. Need more info read this article about IMEI
  2. Go to ZTE Unlock Code Calculator page. At the bottom of page there is a blue color calculator box. Enter IMEI and calculate the code.Calculator page returns 2 unlock codes NP / SP. Write down NP/NCK unlock code.
  3. Now the time to enter unlock code. Insert unaccepted SIM card (A SIM card provided by another provider other than the provider phone originally locked to. In this case any other SIM but not T-Mobile ) to phone and phone will ask unlock code. For more detail reading about entering unlock code to ZTE phone visit How to enter unlock code page

Happy unlocking.

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  1. Anonymous

    Is there any feed back after entering the code? Dose the phone unlock instantly?


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