ZTE TMN Silverbelt – Unlock by IMEI

TMN SilverBelt a device from ZTE, in partnership with TMN. It Comes with a touch screen with 3.2″ with motion sensor and operating in both portrait and landscape, 5MP camera, support for UMTS, GSM, EDGE and GPRS networks to access HSDPA / HSUPA 7.2 Mbps, FM radio, playback of music files and video, Bluetooth and USB 2.0.

We offer unlock codes to unlock TMN Silverbelt to enable use with other network carriers without any restrictions.

TMN Sliverbelt

How to Unlock TMN Silverbelt or ZTE-Raise by code

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  • Get the IMEI of your TMN Silverbelt phone. Read how to fnd IMEI here.
  • Visit ZTE Blade NCK Calculator page.
  • Enter IMEI of your TMN Silverbelt to appropriate text area and click calculate. The tool will get you a 8 digit NCK code.
  • Insert an unacceptable SIM in to TMN Silverbelt and power on phone.
  • When phone asks for the NCK / Unlock code, enter code calculated in previous step.
  • All done, your phone is now unlocked and you can use with any carrier network.
  • If you have trouble entering code to phone, refer https://www.wintechmobiles.com/unlocking/how-to-enter-unlock-code-to-zte-phone/

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3 Responses to “ZTE TMN Silverbelt – Unlock by IMEI”

    • Where did you put the code ? the only place i’m able to right it down is the PIN window.

  1. Warsama Barkhadle

    UNLOCK AC2726 Djibouti telecom (republiaue de djibouti – republic of djibouti) plz ii need to boost my internet debit (speed).


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