ZTE G-S213 Unlock – Free and instant

Recently one of our visitors reported in comment that, ZTE G-S213 supported by ZTE Unlock Code Calculator. So now your turn to unlock ZTE G-S213 with code. How to Unlock ZTE G-S213?

ZTE Unlock Code Calculator

ZTE Iunlock code calculator

This is an online ZTE unlock code calculator to get NCK and SPCK codes for many ZTE and ZTE based mobile phones (check supported phone models below), and it’s free to use. Give your feedback through comment. ZTE UNLOCK CODE CALCULATOR Tweet Supported phone models for unlock: Many ZTE models and ZTE manufactured other brands […]

Huawei Unlock Code Calculator

About Huawei Unlock Code Calculator Huawei unlock and flash codes are two type of numbers, used to unlock and flash Huawei USB modems (or USB HSDPA Dongles). Unique codes are calculated from IMEI of the modems using special factory algorithm reverse engineered and published by two programmers Sergey mkl and Fr3nsis. Thanks to them for […]

Huawei Modem Unlock by Code – Do it yourself free.

Sergeymkl and fr3nsis reversed the Heawei firmware finally found a way to calculate the factory code from IMEI. Thanks for them for their hard work. So now, you can get the factory code for Huawei or Vodafone 3G modem, absolutely free by online code calculator just with the IMEI of your modem. Supported Models – […]

iPhone Glossary for Unlockers

Firmware – The operating system on the device that can be changed through down-loadable updates Jailbreak – The process by which a device is modified to allow unsigned code to be run Unlock – The removal of SIM restrictions on the modem, allowing the use of the phone on any carrier Baseband – Software that […]

Unlock Nokia 1202, 1661, 1662, 5030 – in a new way.

Finally GSM reverse engineers found a way to unlock Nokia DCT4 Plus Phones. Not like previous firmware patch method, this time a full – non patch – lock data calculation unlocking that supports all Nokia DCT4 Plus mobile handsets in market and future releases too.